The Tennessee Soybean Promotion Board (TSPB) is the Qualified State Soybean Board (QSSB) for Tennessee producers in the national checkoff program. TSPB promotes the growth and development of our state’s soybean industry by investing checkoff funds in research, advertisement, promotion, education and market development.

Through the checkoff, each farmer contributes one-half of 1 percent of the price of each bushel at the first point of sale. The TSPB keeps one-half of the checkoff funds collected to conduct state-specific soy research and promotion activities on behalf of farmers. The other half gets sent to the national soy checkoff.

A farmer-driven board oversees and manages TSPB’s share of checkoff investments, which focuses on soybean research, marketing and education to support the profitability of soybean farmers in these states.

The board membership is composed of nine soybean producers from across the state. The Tennessee Soybean Association, the Tennessee Farmers’ Cooperative, and the Tennessee Farm Bureau Federation make three nominations to the Commissioner of Agriculture who selects one member from each nomination list. Board members are selected for three-year terms with the limitation of two consecutive terms. Federal law prohibits the use of checkoff funds for lobbying purposes.

The soy checkoff is always looking for new board members. We encourage anyone who is interested to call our office (731-668-2850) for more information. For a better perspective of who represents our board, please watch the short video below.  


Soybean farmers interested in serving as one of two Tennessee producers on the United Soybean Board should request an application from the Tennessee Soybean Promotion Board in Jackson. We are seeking a nomination for a three-year term beginning December of this year. A director is eligible for three terms.

Success for soybean farmers in today’s market takes more than just a good harvest. Increasing demand for soybeans is an essential part of the equation. The soybean checkoff helps facilitate market growth and creation by funding and directing marketing, research, and commercialization programs. By building demand for both at home and abroad, the soybean checkoff helps ensure a strong and profitable future for U.S. soybean farmers. The United Soybean Board administers the soybean research and promotion checkoff at the national level. The U.S. Secretary of Agriculture makes the appointments to the United Soybean Board. Sixty-eight Farmers from all U.S. soybean-producing states and regions serve on the board.

The Directors of the Tennessee Soybean Promotion Board will select a primary nominee and an alternate nominee for the board seat. The U.S. Secretary of Agriculture will make the final appointment. Soybean producers interested in the position can request an application from the Tennessee Soybean Promotion Board, 100 Executive Drive, Jackson, TN 38305-2319 or call 731-668-2850. For additional information, please check the USDA website at under Industry Marketing and Promotion, Soybeans.


The Officers of the Board

Kenneth Moore – Chairman


Mike Holman – Vice Chairman


Tracy Vannatta – Secretary


Sam Keller – Treasurer


Larry Paul Harris – Past Chairman