Growing more with less
Soybean farmers in Tennessee and across the United States take pride in protecting both land and water resources. Advances in farming technology has made tasks such as planting and harvesting easier, so farmers can grow soybeans more efficiently and with less environmental impact. Compared to the 1950’s, U.S. soybean farmers produce 11 times more soybeans on 5 times the acres.

Sustainable Products

  • The use of soybean derivatives in manufacturing isn’t new. In fact, Henry Ford and George Washington Carver shared a vision of using soybeans and other natural derivatives to make plastics, paint, fuel and other products. In 1942, Ford built a car with a plastic body made from soybeans and posed in front of it in a suit made of soy-based fiber.
  • As global demand for fuels, fiber and material continues to climb, soy-based products and feedstock provide smart, sustainable alternatives to petrochemical-based products. With equal, or better performance, and lower environmental impact, soy-based products make it easy to go green.