The Tennessee Soybean Promotion Board recognizes the importance of continued soybean research to ensure our farmers are able to harvest better quality products. This research provides insight into new methods of crop management, which enables farmers to produce a soybean at an affordable price to the consumer. Soybean breeding, pest control, variety testing and disease management are among the many soybean checkoff funded research projects being done in our state.

2022 Checkoff-funded Research

The Tennessee Soybean Promotion Board convenes once a year to discuss new developments in current projects and to consider the addition of new projects. They seek out new and innovative proposals concerning soybean research. All funded projects are intended to further the development in the discovery of the soybean and its possible uses. These project proposals are submitted to Tennessee Soybean from research scientists and extension specialists from all over the state.

2015 Project Number Project Title Investigator(s) Affiliation
15-02-R Screening of soybean varieties, breeding lines for charcoal rot, frogeye leafspot and phomopsis seed decay resistance Alemu Mengistu USDA
15-17-R Technical Support of Soybean Specialist Angela McClure UTIA
15-20-R Research and extension support for management of glyphosphate-resistant weeds Larry Steckel UTIA
15-26-R Support of Soybean IPM in Tennessee Scott Stewart UTIA
15-28-R 2014 Breeding Soybeans for durable resistance to emerging nematode populations combined with fungal diseases in TN Prakash Arelli USDA
15-74-R Developing a working greenhouse method for screening soybean germplasm, cultivars and breeding lines for charcoal rot resistance Alemu Mengistu USDA
15-78-R Soybean Scout Schools Scott Stewart UTIA
15-100-P Bt toxin-soybean looper interactions Juan Jurat-Fuentes UTIA
15-85-R Development of gene silencing to control kudzu bug in soybean Juan Jurat-Fuentes UTIA
15-12-R Soybean breeding and genetics Vince Pantalone UTIA
15-25-R Support of multi-county on-farm demonstration of county standardized testing Ryan Blair UTIA
15-38-R Technical Support for UT variety testing program Fred Allen UTIA
15-98-P Soybean Pathology – Foliar Disease Monitoring and Management Heather Kelly UTIA
15-86-R Molecular Breeding of High Oleic Soybean Adapted to Tennessee Vince Pantalone UTIA
15-104-P Soybean Agronomics- Cultural Practices and Fertility for Yield Enhancement Heather Kelly UTIA
15-103-P Determining Profit-Maximizing Practices for Soybean Production Using Agronomic Data Aaron Smith UTIA
15-81-R Increase soybean yield by overexpressing a “large seed” gene Neal Stewart UTIA
15-99-P Molecular approaches to discover soybean resistance genes against soybean cyst nematode Neal Stewart UTIA
15-96-P Development of an on-the-go image processing platform for the rapid determination of early season soybean vigor Tyson Raper UTIA
15-97-P Guilt by association in the soybean genome: Finding genes involved in agronomic traits using coexpression networks Margaret Staton UTIA
15-82-R Characterization of soybean protein kinases for drought resistance Max Cheng UTIA
15-83-R Increasing Soybean Yield by Enhancing Flower Visitation of Insect Pollinators Using an Molecular Genetic Approach Fen Cheng UTIA
15-80-R Establishing Cover Crops for Sustainable Soybean Production M. Buschermohle UTIA
15-79-R Sustainability of Tennessee Soybean Production Lori Duncan UTIA
15-101-P Utilizing Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) for Increasing the Profitability of Tennessee Soybean Production Systems M. Buschermohle UTIA
15-102-P Pathogenic viruses of soybean cyst nematode as potential bio-control agents Reza Hajimorad UTIA
15-95-P An innovative approach to pest and disease management in soybean through entomopathogenic nematode induced systemic resistance Parwinder Grewal UTIA
15-105-P Soybean Irrigation: Appropriate Timing and Amount for the Variable Soils of Tennessee Brian Leib UTIA
15-89-R Measuring Water Dynamics in Soybeans Paula Gale UTM
15-90-R Educating Drivers About Sharing the Road Sandy Mehlhorn UTM
15-107-P Foliar Nutrient Applications on MG IV & MG V Wesley Totten UTM
15-65-R Farm Animal Care Coalition of TN Lou Nave FACCT
15-45-R Ag in the Classroom Chris Fleming TFBF
15-49-R SSRP Membership David Womack SSRP
15-110-P Soil & Crop Irrigation Management (SCIM) David Womack SSRP
15-46-R WISHH Membership Jim Hershey WISHH
15-108-P WISHH Market Development Partnership Jim Hershey WISHH
15-51-R ASA Action Partnership (ASAAP) Bill Schuermann ASA
15-50-R NBB Membership David Womack NBB
15-109-R Advanced Biofuel Initiative Tom Very NBB
15-67-R U.S. Soybean Export Council Parks Wells USSEC
15-106-P USSEC International Projects Parks Wells USSEC
15-63-R Soy Transportation Coalition Eddie Sanders STC
15-64-R U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance Gina Thompson USFRA
15-66-R Center for Food Integrity Gina Thompson CFI