The Association

The Tennessee Soybean Association (TSA) is a membership organization concerned with state, national, and international policies that affect soybean producer profits in Tennessee. TSA is affiliated with the American Soybean Association (ASA) in St. Louis, Missouri. Members work with state and national legislators in designing trade laws and regulations to enhance our ability to continue making a profit in the production of soybeans.

Ben Moore, a Past President of the TSA, commented: “The Tennessee Soybean Association is an organization built of the premier farmers in our State. We meet a few times a year to solve problems and collect ideas to promote our state‚Äôs number one crop; SOYBEANS. If you are interested in soybeans and are not a member I would strongly encourage you join.”

Our state director on the ASA board is Eric Maupin from Dyer County. Eric can be reached at his farm office on Hurricane Hill Road at 731-431-6538 and by email at


Soybean growers and non-soybean growers alike can become members of TSA. Soybean growers should know that their checkoff contributions do not automatically make them a member of the association. Soybean checkoff dollars cannot be used to fund legislative efforts. This rule was established at the inception of the United Soybean Board. When you become a member of TSA, you also become a member of the American Soybean Association (ASA).

The Officers of the Association

Alan Meadows – President


Mike Freeman – Vice President


John Dodson – Secretary


Hunter Grills – Treasurer