Join or Renew Tennessee Soybean Association Membership


  • One-year membership – $60.00
  • Three-year membership – $165.00

Why join Tennessee Soybean Association?

At the present time, only 15 current members of the United States Congress are actively involved in production agriculture? That’s 15 out of 535!

However, these are the same legislators that govern the way you farm. Producers must get in front of lawmakers to reveal the true impact their policy decisions have on American farms. It may be more important now than ever. That’s where the Tennessee Soybean Association comes into play.

Laws explicitly prohibit commodity checkoff programs from using checkoff dollars to address legislative issues. So, while the Tennessee Soybean Checkoff program funds important research, education and soy marketing efforts, those funds cannot legally be used to advocate or lobby on behalf of farmers.

The Tennessee Soybean Association, on the other hand, is a membership organization completely separate from the checkoff program. Memberships support advocacy efforts and the associated costs, such as travel to Washington D.C. or Nashville. Association leaders work with lawmakers as they design trade laws, environmental regulations, or other policies that could impact U.S. soy production.

The future of agriculture may depend on our ability to organize. For that reason, make an investment in agricultural representation. Please consider joining our effort.


Members currently working on:

  • 2023 Farm Bill
  • Endangered Species Act/Environmental Regulations
  • Transportation and Infrastructure Issues



American Soybean Association State Directors

Tennessee Soybean Association Officers

  • Steve May, President
  • Jay Yeargin, Vice President
  • Casey Youngerman, Secretary
  • Jason Cherry, Treasurer


Extra Benefits

Membership in the American Soybean Association is included in TSA dues. Membership benefits include:

  • Commodity Classic registration discount
  • Soy Scholarship ($5,000) – children & grandchildren of members eligible to apply
  • Ford, Chrysler and GM Discount Programs
  • 10% Discount on Cabela’s Gift Cards



The Tennessee Soybean Promotion Board checkoff program is not involved in the Tennessee Soybean Association’s membership, lobbying or advocacy activities. This is for informational use only.