Upcoming Events

Summer 2022 Meeting

When: Friday, July 29, 2022 beginning at 9am
Location: Snider Equipment, 1311 Lower Brownsville Rd., Jackson, TN (Exit 74 off of I-40 West)

Meeting and lunch as usual. Our new Executive Director, Stefan Maupin, will be joining us, as well as Executive Director Emeritus, Parks Wells.

Tools & Resources

Virtual Scout School

This series of videos have been produced as an educational tool for Tennessee soybean farmers. They cover such topics as: recognizing soybean growth stages, identifying and managing glyphosate resistent weeds, insect scouting, and identifying common soybean diseases.

Tennessee Ag Districts Map

A map of the agricultural districts for the state of Tennessee.

Soy Stats

SoyStats is a comprehensive resource for statistical information about the U.S. soybean industry and its relationship to global oilseed production. It is published annually by the American Soybean Association. Use this guide to find important soybean facts and figures. Click here to view the most recent version.

Industry Links

Use these helpful industry links to find other farm and agriculture organizations from Tennessee and across the U.S.